SELENE- polycarbonate and acrylic glass from EU manufacturers at the best prices

Wholesale for contruction, design or architecture: cellular sheets and solid sheets out of polycarbonate(PC), as well as extruded and cast acrylic sheets.

About us

Our company was founded in 2010. Since 2020 we are one of the leading importers of hard plastic sheets and their components on the European market..

The direct cooperation with the production facilities gives us the possibility, to guarantee certified product quality, to fulfill orders on individual requirements and to carry out fast delivery..



4 Types of structures – single chamber, two-, three-, four chamber

Excellent light transmission – transparency up to 86%

Weatherable and UV resistant

Bend and tensile strength of the material guarantees safe installation and glazing

Large selection of sheet thickness – from 3.5mm to 25mm

Strict quality control – up to 20 years warranty

Impact resistance – 250 times stronger than ordinary glass

UV protection – double-sided special layer

High level of transparency equivalent to silicate and organic glass - up to 90%

Good sound insulation especially to reduce noise on highways, railways and city viaducts

Large selection of sheet thickness – from 1.2mm to 15mm

15 years warranty for the material


Cast (GS)
Extruded (ХТ)

Elastic, easy to handle and process

High quality surface and flatness

Absolutely colorless and clear - light transmission of 93%

Strict compliance with ASTM D-4802, L-P-391D and GOST 17622-72 standards

Superior thickness tolerance, achieved by patented production procedures

Much higher impact resistance and lighter weight than glass of the same thickness

Unique transparency with 92% light transmission

Weather and age resistance ideally suited for outdoor use

No thickness variation across the entire surface of the sheet

Easy to shape and process

High UV resistance - no visible yellowing, permanent transparency

Impeccable quality guaranteed by certification according to DIN ISO 9001

Sheets, rods, pipes from selected plastics

Questions about the material?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products or if you could require advice on a customized solution. We can help you..

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Advantages for our dealers


From tested and certified manufacturers


Any pallet according to the customers choice


Depending on the complexity of the project


Manufacture according to the customer requirements


Experience working with large industrial customers


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